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Wuhan Maritime Court Notice of Auction of Ship “Shunqiang”

Auction phase First

Starting price: 18.6 million yuan

Security deposit: 270,000 yuan

Ship type: Dry Cargo

Port of registry: Jingzhou, China

Length: 76.3 meters

Gross tonnage: 1,325 tons

Construction completion date: June 27, 2005

Shipbuilding site: China

Breadth: 11.63 meters

Depth: 4.49 meters

Net weight: 742 tons

Issuing court : Wuhan Maritime Court

Issuing date: Dec 11. 2017    Expiration date: Dec 11, 2018

Auction type: Online

Auction type: http://sf.taobao.com/027/20

Ship Auction Notice

Wuhan Maritime Court Notice of Auction of ship “Hongyun 119”

enccmt.court.gov.cn Issueing date: Jan 10,2018 Expiration date:


Wuhan Maritime Court Notice of Auction of ship “Hongyun 119”

Issuing date: Dec 4, 2017    Expiration date: Dec 4, 2018


Wuhan Maritime Court

Notice of Auction

In accordance with its verdict No.55-2 the court has determined that it will auction the ship “Hongyun 119” and matters of concern are as follows: 

1. Item to be auctioned: the ship “Hongyun 119”

Port of registry: Wuhu

Type: general dry cargo ship

Navigation zone: A class

Length: 75 meters

Molded breadth: 13.2 meters

Molded depth: 6.1 meters

Number of main engines: Two 

Capacity: 2*426 KW

Total weight: 1,874 tons

Net weight: 1,050 tons

Shipyard: Wuhu-based Honghai Ship Repair & Building Co Ltd

Date of construction: Jan 4, 2011

The vessel is now docked at the wharf of Wuhu-based Hongyun Shipping Co Ltd. 

2. Auction method 

The auction will be carried out through online bidding. Auctioneers should log in on the Jingdong online judicial auction platform for bidding:


3. Auction Time 

The court will auction the ship “Hongyun 119” from 10:00 am Jan 2 to 10:00 am Mar 2, a total of 60 days. During the selling period, anybody can offer a price. 

If a bidder offers a price anytime during the 60-day selling period, the auction enters a 24-hour bidding countdown; within the 24-hour bidding cycle, other prospective bidders can also bid. Where there is an offer in the last five minutes, the auction will be extended automatically by five minutes.

If no one bids within sixty days, it means that the auction procedure ends. 

4. Qualification for a bidder:

Any natural or legal persons with full capacity for civil conduct are allowed to participate. All participants must register on the Jingdong auction platform and pay a deposit in advance. The participants in inconformity with the requirements must bear corresponding legal liability. 

5. Bidding rules:

The starting price of the ship “Hongyun 119” is 1.23 million yuan and each offer should add multiples of 6,000 yuan, with a deposit of 180,000 yuan. A reserve price will not be set.  

The deal is closed if only one bidder offers a price higher than the selling price. If two or more people bid, the one offering the higher price will be successful. When a bid is withdrawn, the deposit will not be refunded. 

Bidders will be qualified to bid only if they sign up to make advance payment; before the bidding, the judicial auction platform will freeze the corresponding capital in the bidder’s account. When selling ends, the capital of unsuccessful bidders will be automatically unfrozen within 24 hours. No interest will be paid during the lock-out period. The frozen money of the bidders will be transferred into the account designated by the court. And the rest of the payment will be transferred into the account within seven days after the bidding. (Account name: Wuhan Maritime Court; Account number: 7381610183100001130; Bank of deposit: Jianghan Road Sub-branch of Wuhan branch of China Citic Bank); If the ship is sold at the selling price, there is no need to pay any further money. 

If no one bids during the selling time, the advance payment will be unfrozen within 24 hours. No interest will be paid during the lock-out period.