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Wuhan Maritime Court Notice of Auction of ship “Hailian 999”

Auction phase Third

Starting price: 1.06 million yuan

Security deposit: 200,000 yuan

Ship type: General dry cargo ship

Port of registry: Wuhu

Length: 70.2 meters

Gross tonnage: 1,518 tons

Construction completion date: Sept 18, 2004

Shipbuilding site: Wuhu County Shunfeng Shipbuilding Co

Breadth: 12.85 meters

Depth: 5.35 meters

Net weight: 850 tons

Issuing court :  Wuhan Maritime Court

Issuing date: Sept 26, 2016    Expiration date: Nov 1, 2016

Auction type: Live Auction     Site: http://www.whse.net.cn

Auction time:  Oct 4, 2016 00:00:00    Contact number:

Ship Auction Notice

Wuhan Maritime Court Notice of Auction of ship “Hailian 999”

Issueing date: Sep 26,2016 Expiration date: 2016-11-01


Wuhan Maritime Court

Notice of Auction

In accordance with its verdict no. 112-3 the court has determined that it will auction the ship “Hailian 999” owned by Xu Yeyin, the person subject to execution in a ship mortgage contract dispute with the execution applicant Wuhu Jinsheng Rural Commercial Bank Co.

1.Item to be auctioned: the ship “Hailian 999”

Port of registry: Wuhu

Type: general dry cargo ship

Navigation zone: A class

Length: 70.2 meters

Molded breadth: 12.85 meters

Molded depth: 5.35 meters

Number of main engines: one

Capacity: 350Kw

Total weight: 1,518 tons

Net weight: 850 tons

Shipyard: Wuhu County Shunfeng Shipbuilding Co

Owner: Xu Yeying

Date of construction: Sept 18, 2004

The vessel is now docked at the ferry terminal near Wuhu’s Railway Station.

2. Auction method:

The Ship Auction Committee founded by the Court in accordance with law will sell the ship through bidding via the online judicial auction platform on the website of Wuhan Shipping Exchange (http://www.whse.net.cn).

3. Qualifications for a bidder:

Any natural or legal persons with full capacity for civil conduct are allowed to participate. All participants must register on the auction platform and pay a deposit in advance.

Any unqualified bidder will bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

4. Time: from 10 am, Oct 31, 2016 to 10 am, Nov 1, 2016

When there is an offer in the last two minutes, the auction will be extended automatically by five minutes. 

5. Rules:

It is an English auction with a reserve price, which means no offer lower than that price will be accepted.

The starting price is 1.06 million yuan and each offer should add multiples of 20,000 yuan, with a deposit of 200,000 yuan.

(Please read the Auction Instructions for details.)

6. Time and methods for consultations with the court:

Interested people are welcome to contact the court for more information or to arrange an on-site inspection of the ship, from Sept 27 to Oct 31.

7. Registration of the claims:

Debts related to the ship should be reported to the Court for registration within 60 days after the issuance of this notice. Otherwise, they will not be paid from the auction proceeds.

8. Bidders should read the court’s Auction Instructions thoroughly before the auction.

Please call 139-6601-7303 for an on-site inspection of the ship, 027-6885-7691 for consultation on registration of the claims, and 027-6577-1052 for consultation on the online auction.


Wuhan Maritime Court

Sept 26, 2016