Beihai Maritime Court signs cooperation framework agreement

Updated : 2019-07-25


Signing ceremony between Beihai Maritime Court and Shanghai Maritime University 

Beihai Maritime Court and Shanghai Maritime University signed cooperation framework agreement in Beihai Maritime Court on July 23.

The two sides reached consensus that they will strengthen cooperation and exchanges in theoretical research, business training and legal talent cultivation.

According to agreement, they will make use of their own strengths to set up maritime commercial legal research platform and promote maritime legal publicity exchanges and improve talent cultivation system.

Li Xiping, secretary of Law Faculty of Shanghai Maritime University said that the signing of agreement can help connect and exchange theoretical research resources and legal resources of the court. What they do can also help serve implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and maritime power strategy.

Liang Bingyang, president of Beihai Maritime Court pointed out that Shanghai Maritime University, as a widely known institution of higher education in China is committed to cultivating many legal talents. It also has advantages in teaching research and resources in maritime commercial legal field.

According to Liang, Beihai Maritime Court, as a maritime trial organization, it’s rich in not only case resources but also has rich resources in shipping and legal practice. And in this case, it can draw resources from the university and thus solving difficulty of maritime judges in business training, investigation and research.