Officials from Ningbo Maritime Court attend national maritime trial seminar

Updated : 2019-07-13


The opening ceremony of the 27th national maritime trial seminar

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Prize-awarding ceremony during the 27th national maritime trial seminar 


Wu Shengshun leads discussion of standards of proof for Wechat messages

Officials from the Ningbo Maritime Court attended the 27th national maritime trial seminar on July 12 in Guangzhou Maritime Court.

The participants included Wu Xianjiang, vice-president of Ningbo Maritime Court, Wu Shengshun, presiding judge of the court’s maritime tribunal and the author of a thesis about standards of proof in using WeChat texts as evidence. Vice-president Wu delivered a work report on behalf of the court.

One day before the seminar, the representatives from Ningbo Maritime Court also took part in a national maritime trial investigation (2019) and introduced opinions on certain issues.

The court’s vice-president required that national maritime courts and other high people’s courts should fully understand the marine community of common destiny and some new requirements related to maritime trials.

He also pointed out the need to understand the importance of maritime trial work and the job requirements involved.

Wu Xianjiang finally designated future work tasks such as elaboration of strategy and promotion of informatization.