Shanghai Maritime Court meets with fishermen to publicize maritime law

Updated : 2019-07-05


The general public takes part in a legal publicity activity in the Lvsi port administration center. 

As China National Maritime Day approaches, the detached tribunal of the Shanghai Maritime Court in Yangkou port held legal publicity activities in the national central fishing port of Lvsi.

The activities included consultations, legal lectures, an open circuit trial, handing out legal publicity brochures and delivering judicial proposals to the Nantong Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau.

The officials from the court’s detached tribunal in Yangkou Port went to the wharf of Lvsi port to disseminate legal knowledge and answer questions from fishermen working nearby.


Local fishermen had many questions, all answered by the visiting court officials.

Two separate lectures on prominent issues in fishing-related trials were also delivered to seamen and ship owners. They touched on the importance of elaborating written contracts, risk diversification by employer liability insurance and maritime lien placement and enforcement.

“Dear judge, can you tell me if a drunken seaman gets hurt on the boat, are we duty bound to pay compensation?” one ship owner asked.

“And judge, my husband works on a ship. He got off the ship after a quarrel with the ship owner. What should we do if the ship owner doesn’t pay my husband due to lack of contract?” another person asked.


Fishermen in Lvsi port attend the open court trial of a ship ownership-related case. 

The Shanghai Maritime Court also erected a display board for legal publicity and gave out Q & A brochures about fishing-related livelihood disputes.

The brochures were divided into two parts for seamen and ship owners and answered frequently asked questions, often about loss of livelihood.

In the Yangkou detached tribunal of Lvsi port, a ship ownership case was given a public hearing. Since the plaintiff and defendant were both more than seventy years old, the case was heard as a circuit trial to avoid the need for the two aged parties to travel.


The officials from the detached tribunal board a ship to hand out brochures to the ship owner and seamen.

To give full play to maritime trial functions and better serve the growth of the fishing industry in Nantong, the detached tribunal in Yangkou port elaborated a seventeen-page judicial proposal by summarizing common issues in fishery-related disputes and delivered it to the Nantong Agriculture and Rural Affair Bureau.