Hainan Maritime Court issues guideline to promote FTZ development

(enccmt.court.gov.cn)Updated : 2018-11-14

Haikou Maritime Court of Hainan province held a press conference on Nov 13 and released a guideline on serving and guaranteeing construction of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

The document aims to create a sound legal environment for the construction of the Hainan FTZ by focusing on maritime trial functions in six areas: maritime-related tourism, marine shipping, marine resource exploitation, coastal zone development, marine environmental protection and maritime administration.

Efforts will be made to hear maritime-related tourism cases according to law, standardize tourism services and conduct in sea areas and elaborate and implement legal norms including those governing yacht operation and crew restrictions, which will broaden yacht navigable waters and simplify import and export procedures, according to the document.

The document also stipulates that it’s necessary to hear maritime-related major engineering project and marine resource development and exploitation cases to provide strong guarantees for the growth of the marine economy.

It' s also necessary to give play to maritime administrative trial functions and set up an administrative management system compatible with free trade zones, according to the guideline.

Haikou Maritime Court is the southernmost maritime court in China with the largest maritime area under its more than 2 million square kilometer jurisdiction. 

It is responsible for administering first-instance maritime and commercial cases, first-instance maritime administrative cases and first-instance general civil and commercial cases pertaining to the maritime environment in the ports and waters of Hainan province and the islands and waters of Xisha, Zhongsha, Nansha and Huangyan islands.