Chinese lawyers' protection, supervision systems improved

(Xinhua )Updated : 2018-04-02

The systems for protecting and supervising the work of Chinese lawyers have been improved, according to the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA).

In 2017, lawyers filed 502 petitions regarding infringements of their work at lawyers' rights centers, established the same year by the ACLA's provincial-level lawyers' associations nationwide, ACLA said at a press conference earlier this week.

Problems that impede lawyers's work include cases where lawyers are refused or delayed from meeting their clients, evidence cannot be obtained or collected in full, and lawyers and prosecutors face discrimination.

A total of 279 of the 502 petitions were resolved. Before the centers were established, lawyers' associations resolved 84 petitions in 2016 and 54 petitions in 2015, ACLA said.

The ACLA also revealed that 6,805 complaints from the public about lawyers' misconduct were received by separate centers dealing with complaints against lawyers last year. These centers were also set up by provincial-level lawyers' associations across the country.

Lawyers' misconduct includes unlawful handling of cases or charging fees, breaches of duty, and making improper remarks.