Annual report sheds light on smart maritime court development

( : 2018-02-10

A special report by the Shanghai Maritime Court was published in the legal bluebook “The annual report on the information development of Chinese courts” on Feb 7.

China’s first Smart Maritime Court (Shanghai) Practice Base was formally established in the court on June 28, 2017.

The court report introduces the desired characteristics of a maritime court such as professionalism, transnational communication capacity and cross-jurisdiction over administrative divisions.

A maritime court needs to collect and use data relevant to ships and shipping, including cargoes and other shipping elements. Transnational channels for verification and authentication and big data analysis systems as well as information disclosure platforms are also needed to realize long-distance trial and case review.

To meet such demands, the Shanghai Maritime Court has made positive attempts to become a smart court to resolve difficulties in maritime trials and judgment enforcement.

The court works to expand multiple dispute resolution mechanisms through online mediation platforms and provide trial and case review procedures that help remote tribunals to hear cases efficiently.

The report proposed tasks for the court’s next phase in that development, such as building a smart case-handling platform able to support a full-service online maritime litigation system.