Chief of Shanghai High People’s Court visits detached tribunal

( : 2017-09-13

A delegation led by the chief of the Shanghai High People’s Court visited Lianyungang detached tribunal, an affiliate of the Shanghai Maritime Court, on August 29. 

Chen Yajuan, vice-president of the Shanghai high people’s court, praised the Lianyungang tribunal for their achievements in guaranteeing regional economic and social development, carrying out maritime trials and constructing procedures suitable for a detached tribunal body.

She also provided requirements for the work, pointing out that it’s necessary to hear every maritime and foreign-related commercial trial, and especially Belt and Road Initiative-related cases, in an efficient and just way to improve China’s international credibility and influence in maritime law.

The detached court is also required to innovate working mechanisms, establish diversified dispute resolution approaches and respond to people’s judicial concerns, Chen said.

Chen also emphasized the need to seek support from the Party committees, governments and courts in places where the detached courts are located and to establish partnerships with industry associations, ports and other authorities.

Zhao Hong, president of the Shanghai Maritime Court, said that Lianyungang is a principal node city in the economic corridor of the New Eurasian Land Bridge and is significant in Belt and Road Initiative construction.

Detached courts are required as a base for training new personnel and young court officers to help them mature in their roles.