Guangzhou Maritime Court opens official WeChat account

( : 2017-09-13

Guangzhou Maritime Court’s official WeChat account went online on Sept 1 to provide updates of the court’s activities and judicial services for the general public.

The account includes several columns such as maritime legal news, judicial services and public information. It also lists procedures and answers related to opening cases online.

The Guangzhou Maritime Court was established on June 1, 1984. It was one of the first maritime courts in China. It has jurisdiction over ports and littoral areas including the navigable waters of inland rivers.

Since its establishment, the court has heard more than 35,000 cases, some of which have involved parties from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan or from other countries.

The court has also introduced some judicial reforms including adding opinions of judges on judgment documents, releasing judgment documents on the internet for public review, improvements to process management, and stipulations on legal hearings.