Shanghai Maritime Court maps out second-half plan

( : 2017-08-15

The Shanghai Maritime Court held a conference on July 28 to summarize its work in the first half of the year and come up with measures for improvements.

Zhao Hong, president of the Shanghai Maritime Court, mentioned some achievements in five-year development planning, and in establishment of the Shanghai international maritime judicial base and a smart maritime court practice base in the first half year.

Zhao analyzed the current situation and existing problems and mapped out the work for the second half of the year.

She pointed out law enforcement and case handling as current priorities, saying that significant and sensitive cases should be highly valued and lawsuit services should be upgraded.

Centering on national and Shanghai economic and social development, Zhao also referred to assurance of the functions of maritime trials. She called on the court to hear the Belt and Road Initiative related cases in an efficient and just way.

It’s necessary to elaborate working opinions on guaranteeing the construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center and to take an active part in comprehensive social treatment in the shipping field to create a just, transparent and stable business environment, according to Zhao.

Zhao added that leadership from the Shanghai international maritime judicial and smart maritime court bases should be fully put in play. A strategy should also be developed to attract more foreign parties to initiate lawsuits in the Shanghai court.

Attendants taking part in the conference included members of Party Leadership Group, presiding judges and bureau-level cadres.