Study group composed of “Excellent Judges from the Whole District” carries out investigation and evaluation work at the Beihai Maritime Court Guigang Court

Updated : 2016-11-18


Division Head Zhou Yuneng (third from the right) visits the litigation service hall of the court 

On Nov 9, Zhou Yuneng, division head of the Education and Training Department of the Political Department of the Guangxi Higher People's Court, accompanied by Ma Xiaolan, member of the Leading Party Group of Beihai Maritime Court and director of Political Department, went to the Guigang Court to investigate and evaluate Liu Hai, vice court president, who was a candidate for the “Excellent Judges in the District” award.

The investigation group explored the ideological and political style of Liu Hai in recent years as well as his capacity for trial operations in a comprehensive and in-depth manner through conversations with Liu Hai and police representatives.

The investigation group also looked at the litigation service window, courtroom, mediation room, and other places in Guigang to understand the infrastructure construction conditions of the Guigang Court. After listening to the work report of the Guigang Court, Division Head Zhou Yueneng fully affirmed the work of the court in Guigang. He stressed that the jurisdiction of the Guigang Court was wide and its trial work was heavy, so police officers should fulfill their duties seriously and overcome the difficulties such as have fewer staff members and more case as well as heavy work tasks. However, they should still improve the quality of handling cases so as to provide better judicial protection for the Xijiang golden waterway construction.