Tianjin Maritime Court’s President Zhang Mian investigates information construction of Beihai Maritime Court

(enccmt.court.gov.cn)Updated : 2016-10-28

On October 20, President Zhang Mian of the Tianjin Maritime Court and two colleagues came to the Beihai Maritime Court to investigate the latter’s information construction work. President Liang Bingyang and Deputy President Liu Qiaofa of the Beihai court accompanied President Zhang and his companions to the lawsuit service hall, scientific court, cultural corridor and honor room. After the visit, the parties had an informal discussion.

In that discussion President Liang showed his warm welcome to President Zhang and his colleagues and briefly introduced the basic information of his court, such as its history, governance scope and organization. He also outlined the court’s work, including the number of hearings and judgments and the amount of information and team construction over the last three years.

Deputy President Liu introduced the design, development and construction of the government affairs website. He spoke about the basic challenges of carrying out information construction over recent years, and about the judicial publicity gained through that website.

Zhao Liming, president of the Maritime Commerce Court, gave a detailed review of the design ideas, positioning principles and functions of the different sections of the government affairs website pertaining to the Beihai court. He also demonstrated the workings of the six sections of the online lawsuit platform -- ‘online registration’, ‘online hearing’, ‘online mediation’, ‘online execution’, ‘online delivery’ and ‘online reception’.

The parties also had in-depth discussions about the problems and difficulties in information construction of the court and in the actual processing within the online lawsuit platform. They also hoped to strengthen communication in the future and jointly improve the information management level of maritime judicial proceedings.

President Zhang and his delegation acknowledged the information construction work of the Beihai Maritime Court, saying that the court’s dependence on the government affair website to promote online lawsuit procedures not only accorded with the actual work conditions of maritime courts but also facilitated and benefited the general public.


Information Construction Discussion


Zhang Mian, Party Committee Secretary and President of Tianjin Maritime Court


Liang Bingyang, Party Committee Secretary and President of Beihai Maritime Court


Visiting to Office Facilities of Beihai Maritime Court


Visiting to Honor Room