Dalian Maritime Court

Updated : 2016-10-27


Established on June 1, 1984, Dalian Maritime Court is located at No.280, Luxun Road, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. To the east, its physical jurisdiction includes the extended sea area of the Yalu River and the area east of the Yalu River. To the west, it serves the Shanhai Pass sea area at the junction of Liaoning Province and Hebei Province, including part of the sea areas of Bohai River and Huanghai River. The region served includes 2,920 kilometers of coastline, more than 500 islands, and major ocean ports including Dalian, Dayaowan, Dalian New Port, Yingkou, Bayuquan, Dandong Big East, Jinzhou and Hulu Island. In addition to ocean trade ports it has 280 fishing ports, such as Dalianwan, Bayuquan, Yangtouwa, Dachangshan, and Langtou. Dalian Maritime Court supervises five detached tribunals at Jinzhou, Bayuquan, Donggang, Changhai, and Harbin. Cases appealed from the Dalian Maritime Court are heard at the Liaoning Supreme People’s Court.

Website: http://dlhsfy.chinacourt.org/index.shtml