Tianjin Maritime Court

Updated : 2016-10-27


Established on June 1, 1984, Tianjin Maritime Court is located at No. 75, Second Street, Tianjin Economic and Technical Development Zone. Its service sphere stretches to the junction of Hebei province and Shandong province to the south and to the extended sea area (including the coastal ports, sea islands and maritime waters) at the junction of Hebei province and Liaoning province to the north. Tianjin Maritime Court includes two detached tribunals: Qinhuang Island Court, and Caofeidian Court. It also administers 16 circuit trial sites in the Tianjin Harbor District and the Port-Surrounding Industrial Zone, the Fishing Port within the area under administration and dry ports of Tianjin Port hinterland in Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Ningxia. Tianjin Supreme People’s Court hears cases on appeal from Tianjin Maritime Court.

Website: http://tjhsfy.chinacourt.org/index.shtml