Top court orders judiciary to keep fighting drug-related crime

(China Daily )Updated : 2019-06-25



China's top court ordered courts nationwide to continue the fight against drug-related crimes, even though they witnessed successive declines of such offenses in the past three years.

Since 2016, the number of drug-related crimes concluded by Chinese courts has been decreasing. Last year, the figure was about 100,000, according to statistics released by the Supreme People's Court on Tuesday.

"But drug problems, such as drug trafficking, as well as drug-making and purchasing, especially those on synthetic drugs, remain serious in the country," Fang Wenjun, a judge from the top court's No 5 Criminal Division, said.

He noted drug-related cases still rank at the top among all criminal cases, adding drug offenders, especially ringleaders and recidivists, must be given heavier penalties.

In 2018, 24.1 percent of sentences were from five years in prison to death -- more than 10 percentage points higher than sentences in other criminal cases, the statement said.

"The harsher punishments have shown our strong determination against drug-related crimes," Fang said.

The top court also worked with the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security to make regulations to help judicial officials effectively deal with drug cases and improve the quality of related case handling in recent years.

In addition, the top court increased efforts to publicize the danger of drugs and knowledge of the law to help prevent people from being harmed by drugs and drug-related offenses, the statement added.