Mediation center in Yunnan resolves disputes involving Myanmar litigants

(China Daily )Updated : 2019-06-17

A mediation center has helped solve disputes involving people from Myanmar since it was built in Ruili People's Court, Yunnan province, in 2016.

As a city on the border with Myanmar, Ruili witnessed many disputes between litigants from China and Myanmar in recent years, mainly covering purchase contracts, private loans, marriages and traffic accidents, the court said in a statement.

To effectively deal with them, the court established the mediation center to offer legal services, including translation and brochures on Chinese laws, to Myanmar litigants. Its efforts have seen more than 90 percent of disputes solved through mediation, the court said.

One typical case was a labor dispute involving two Myanmar litigants that was successfully mediated by the center in March 2017.

To help more Myanmar people working in Yunnan, the court has also used social media to introduce Chinese laws by showcasing typical cases in the Myanmar language, it said.

In August, it broadcast the hearing of a Myanmar-related dispute online and arranged for judicial officials to analyze the case online, it added.

Solving such disputes more effectively not only bolsters ties between the two countries, but also helps ensure the safety of the border and boosts economic development, the court said.