SPC releases typical cases related to Belt and Road Initiative

(enccmt.court.gov.cn)Updated : 2017-08-10

The first group of typical cases related to the Belt and Road Initiative were published by the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) in this May.

Led by the SPC, people’s courts at all levels are taking an active part in development of the Belt and Road Initiative and exercising their jurisdictional rights, said Liu Jingdong, vice-presiding judge of the Fourth Civil Court of the SPC.

In accordance with international treaties and conventions, cases stemming from the growth of the Belt and Road were concluded fairly and efficiently, which indicates ongoing guaranteed judicial services.

The ten typical cases are common disputes in the Belt and Road construction and raise significant legal issues such as opening of letters of credit, stock right transfer contracts, compensation for pollution damage to the sea, sea goods transport contracts, hearing of foreign-related commercial trials and enforcement of judgments arising from them.

Liu said that people’s courts have given clear feedback regarding complicated problems in the trials which tends to raise trial standards.

The SPC released several opinions on providing judicial services and safeguards for the construction of the Belt and Road by people’s courts in July 2015. The SPC also issued other judicial interpretations to create a fair and impartial judicial environment.

Liu expressed his hope that releasing typical cases will provide guidance and models for foreign-related commercial trials related to the Belt and Road Initiative and unify trial standards as part of a promotion of services of people’s courts at all levels.