National foreign-related commercial chief justices seminar opens in Hangzhou

( : 2017-04-25

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) held a National Foreign-related Commercial chief justices seminar on April 18 in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province. 

The seminar aims to push the year's work forward and explore new solutions to difficult cases.

Liu Gui Xiang, full-time commissioner of the SPC Judicial Committee, delivered a keynote speech at the seminar entitled "Improve foreign-related commercial trials and serve the new pattern of opening".

Liu said, "The SPC has provided a solid judicial guarantee for the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Free Trade Area (FTA)."

Liu asked the people's courts at all levels to make judicial interpretations for the centralized management of foreign-related commercial cases, perfect services abroad, and improve interpretation mechanisms for foreign laws.  

"Judicial examination system should also be refined to safeguard the judicial services and define trial time for foreign-related civil and commercial cases in the FTA," he added.

In addition, political, social and legal factors should all be taken into consideration in trials and cases with international influence should be given utmost attention.

The SPC should formulate judicial policy and interpretation as guidance for the local people's courts.

"Cultivating foreign-related judicial talent and establishing a professional foreign-related commercial trial team should be the priority of our daily work," Liu stressed.

Chen Guo Meng, president of Zhejiang Provincial People's High Court, and Chen Shu, Chen Nai Ke ,Yu Xue Wen, and Gan Pei Zhong, deputies to the National People's Congress and SPC special consultants, were also present at the seminar.