Ningbo Maritime Court members join China National Maritime Day forums

( : 2016-10-28

China's Maritime Day falls on July 11, and for 2016, the 12th year of this celebration, the city of Ningbo hosted a China National Maritime Day Forum with a theme of "Resetting the Silk Road Sails and Building Blue Dreams" as a way to show its participation in the Silk Road and maritime spirits, publicize the maritime justice rules and to provide a better judiciary service for China's Belt and Road Initiative.


The Second Maritime Silk Road Port International Cooperation Forum is held in Ningbo, on July 12.

Ningbo's Maritime Court sent staff members to take part in three sub-forums and arranged to publicize marine judiciary activities and prepared two white papers and detailed brochures to present at the venue for domestic and foreign guests.

One member of the Ningbo Maritime Court’s Professional Hearing Committee, Wu Yongqi, was invited to a Small-to-mid-sized Shipping Enterprise Leader Forum in Ningbo's Kaiyuan Hotel, the afternoon of July 11, to give his views on the dilemmas that such shipping enterprises can face and discuss one of the white papers on cases involving foreign countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao and seamen's labor disputes. He also explained the problems the court faces in handling such shipping enterprise cases and the judicial guarantees.  

Taking part in a 2nd Maritime Silk Road International Cooperation Forum, organized by Ningbo's Zhoushan Port, on July 12, were the court's deputy presidents, Zheng Juhong and Wu Xianjiang and its office director, Shi Hongping, along with more than 300 Chinese and foreign guests from various port and transportation departments in 34 countries along the Maritime Silk Road. The participants listened carefully to the speeches from port and shipping representatives concerning integrated reforms, Belt and Road Initiative cooperation, port logistics, smart port affairs, and green ports. They also heard talks on exploring greater communication, cooperation and development in ports along the Maritime Silk Road.

The court put up two exhibition boards outside the forum room to provide a clear, concise introduction to the basic conduct of maritime hearings in recent times and the main innovations in judicial methods.


International Shipping and Bulk Commodities Transaction Forum is held in Ningbo, on July 12.

The morning of July 12, another court deputy president, Lu Mingming, took part in the International Shipping and Bulk Commodities Transaction Forum in the Pan Pacific Ocean Hotel, with a theme of "Shipping Finance Boosting New Development of the Maritime Silk Road". Its sponsors were the Ningbo government and China Institute of Navigation, with help from the Ningbo Shipping and Port Management Bureau, Ningbo Shipping Exchange and Donghai Marine Insurance.

Other experts and scholars spoke about other issues of concern and the hosts explained various conditions of the Maritime Silk Road, which is an important part of all shipping services, and the related financing.

The Ningbo Shipping Exchange opened its Maritime Silk Road Index in 2013 and it has become a measure of domestic and foreign shipping and trade conditions, with two indexes -- the Ningbo exported container freight index and Ningbo shipping economic index.